Wine Tastings and Camping

Our campsite had a beautiful view of the Texas sunset.

Our latest adventure took us out of the local area and ended up being one of the best weekend trips we’ve had in a very long time (even before the COVID days). We started the day by stopping at a local Kroger and buying some fresh vegetables and meat to make dinner and breakfast with in the morning. My wife took a 2 lbs flank steak and marinated it with lime and spices in a ziploc bag. We then drove to three wineries on our way to the Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX.

Crossing the bridge at Saddlehorn Winery.

After tasting and buying some delicious wines, we ended up at Hidden Falls and drove out to the primitive campsites. They were closer together than we’d have expected, but there was enough space around us to still feel alone. There was a lot of noise from the 4 wheeler’s, but it’s to be expected at an adventure park. It was actually a lot of fun watching kids enjoy themselves while their parents worked hard to keep the fun going.

I took out the drone and got some neat aerial shots of us, our campsite, and the Gunship.

We were rewarded for marinating the meat all day with some of the most tender fajitas I’ve ever eaten. Sherry brought some Paleo tortillas and made grilled mushrooms with onions and green pepper which rounded out the fajita tacos perfectly. Then, as a surprise, she took some Fredericksburg peaches we purchased on our way to the park and made a cobbler with our dutch oven that turned out perfectly!

The fire was relaxing cobbler was delicious!

After doing the dishes, we sat and enjoyed the fire and the beautiful sunset for a while which led to a beautiful and clear starry night. Being able to see stars we cannot see at home brought back lots of memories to both of us. We even saw a satellite pass overhead!

The Gunship got quite dusty, but that’s okay. It is a visible sing that we had some fun!

The sleeping arrangements were good. We have good air mattresses, but I had a bit of a hump on the ground which made my sleeping position a little uncomfortable. I made it through the night, but my back was a bit sore. It made me look forward to the rooftop tent we purchased being delivered.

The tent worked perfectly. The Biolite Fire Pit really made starting a fire easy.

The morning brought us a little bit of a drizzle and light rain, but fortunately, it blew past us within about 20 minutes. We had a nice drive home through the rolling hills and countryside. My wife admitted to me that she had more fun camping than she thought she would, and she is really looking forward to our big fall trip of overlanding up to Idaho and back down again.

The view West from 200 feet above our campsite.
Our campsite from the air. The Waterport mounted on the rear passenger side made cleanup of pots and pans a breeze!