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Molle Hooks for Rago Shelf

One of my favorite things about the Rago Fabrications shelf in the back of the Gunship is the ability to hang grocery bags from hooks attached to it. In the past, I used Niteize S-Hooks, but the little indentation on the inside of the hooks made it difficult to remove shopping bags from them. Since I’m also a 3D printer hobbyist, I decided to tackle the project and to create my own hooks for use with the Rago shelf.

Three version 3 hooks on my Rago Molle shelf.

My design concept was done on Tinkercad, and my goals were to have a hook design that would easily attach to the Molle of the shelf while also providing two hooks to attach shopping bags. I wanted the hooks to be open to allow bags to easily go on and off the hooks.

The first version was okay. It was a little small and admittedly ugly due to the lack of polish I put on it, but the item was a proof-of-concept, and once I fit it inside the Gunship, I knew I was onto something good.

Versions 1, 2, and 3 of the hook.

Version 2 was closer to the final vision with a longer body and a longer hook portion on the top mount, but I found it to be too thin. Version 2 was made thicker but was otherwise unchanged. I printed 4 Version 3’s out of PETG which is a polyester material that is strong with slight elasticity and these looked/worked great.

Version 3 on the left with the newer/final version 4 of the hook.

I did end up making a version 4, however, with rounded ends. I think the 4th version Molle Hooks are very nice looking, and I will likely swap out all 4 of the current version 3’s with version 4’s.

I call these Molle Hooks, but I’m thinking of alternatively naming them Mall Hooks (a play on the Mall Crawler moniker people ascribe to some 4Runners). I will likely post the .stl file here once I perfect the design. Right now, it’s still got some rough edges I’m hoping to clean up.